Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Waiting game

Pads is slightly miffed that he has to wait 3 weeks after surgery to get George (i.e. his PEG/feeding tube) sorted. George had had a narrow escape the other week and Pads is really still chaffed that nothing was done about it. I think he's also champing at the bit to get on with his 'war' (vs. the tumour). Today he was up fairly early... 7:30ish, eating a full breakfast. He is still on steroids though and that's boosting his intake requirements and giving him round cheeks. It seemed easier to keep the appointment with the orthodontist than to cancel it again... So, after the Ladies Meeting, he went to the North Cardiff Orthodontic Centre. He found it hard to position his head on the chair and settled for discomfort rather than make a fuss and extend the visit. The upshot was that in about 9 months they should be able to start work on pulling his top teeth forward: he's had an under-bite ever since growing adult teeth.
Otherwise, Pads has had a good day, greatly enjoying his siblings: playing battle-ships with the smalls and watching Dr Who on i-player when Moli'd returned from choir practice.

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