Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Back home after Bristol

Pads' stem cells
This few mls of fluid will be the life-saver after the mega-chemo. Apparently it was really good stuff - the GCSF injections had really come good. This precious bag is now in a freezer until he needs it, probably next month.
Pads arrived back at UHW Sky ward, Cardiff at 3pm. The delay leaving Bristol was caused by his getting a bag of blood transfused. When the Cardiff medical team came to look at his blood counts, they were very happy with them. Added to that, the labs had reported that nothing odd was growing in the samples they had from him. He was so well too. Although the nurse likes to keep us guessing, in fact, living as close as we do, it was likely to be most healthful to get him back home in his own bed. This might not last, of course. He's back in on Friday to begin the chemo cycle that should have started on Monday.

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