Friday, July 23, 2010

Performance enhancing codeine

I decided to take the attack to Pads' pain today and gave him a couple of doses of codeine. When he managed to get up, he looked straighter and was cheered in realising it. He accompanied me in the car, running a few errands, and then he was up to toddling about. We took the air at Roath Park, the rose garden there is lovely. But only a few paces around that and he was needing support to return to his wheel-chair. I pushed him around the conservatory etc.

Having sustained no damage, we returned home and went out again later on. This time he managed to walk around a bit more, motivated by wanting to rent a film he could watch with Moli later on. She's been away for 13 days, helping with the RIAT airshow, and they're very close.
This has been quite a positive day, but he's clearly quite physically weak. The clock is ticking on his blood count which we're expecting to decline in the next couple of days.

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