Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Taking it easy

I'm at home with Pads while the others are out at the morning service of the Summer Conference. He's watching a lovely BBC i-player programme about the wildlife of North Wales with Iolo Williams - we've got a lot to be proud of!
Yesterday it was just too late to post to the blog and, thankfully, there was not a huge amount to say about Pads apart from that he made it to the first meeting of the conference to be held in Cardiff, Pastor David Kay preaching the Gospel. The church, looking great after all the work of last week especially, was quite full downstairs.
Pads is quite well and continues in good spirits. The blood results from Saturday showed that he's neutropenic (0.69 - the cut-off is 1.00 neutrophils) so we're on the lookout for infections and a bit tardy about who sneezes in his company, although he does have a bit of a cold anyway. This morning we've changed his Hickman line dressing - that needs to happen every week-to-ten days. This line is extremely useful, averts the need for many of the blood-system access requirements of his treatment... but, breaking the skin, it also poses significant risk of infection. All clear there at the moment though :-)
We've been giving metaclopramide again to safeguard the nightly tube-feed after he lost a fair bit of it without warning late morning yesterday. Metaclopramide is an anti-emetic which helps to empty the stomach (i.e. downwards).

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