Friday, August 6, 2010

Consulatation and two bags of blood

P continues well.He did dip a bit: once on Wednesday night, when he felt tired early evening and then last night when the PEG hole was giving him some pain as he cleaned it...., 'oh I wish this all hadnt happened' sort of talk. In both cases it didnt take very long to be back up and bouncing, but it's hard to know what to say sometimes in the midst of these troughs.
After giving a blood sample, P went to the play room and the parents were asked to give consent to the next rash of treatment. His counts are too low to be starting this Sunday, so it'll be from the 15th. He will get the first dose on the Monday. There are three days of a 3 hour infusion of Carboplatin, and then three days of two infusions, 3 hours of Thiotepa and 3 hours of Etopaside. By the end of which he will probably be in isolation. Three days after that, on the Tuesday following, his stem cells are given back (an autologous transplant).
The blood results came back showing he's coming up on the neutrophils (0.7 - anything above 1.0 is good), HB was 7.3. This triggered a blood transfusion. Two bags started at about 7:40pm last night, finishing at midnight. We were in his least favourite room (bit claustrophobic) so he was strongly inclined to stay awake and go home to bed. Thankfully the transfusion passed without incident and now he's in good shape for a few days of normality, we hope. Having said that, he's currently in the Dental Hospital waiting for someone to pull an infant molar. The adult tooth has erupted beneath it without successfully pushing the smaller tooth out and it's locked in place. Our dentist had warned that this tooth could easilly cause infection if it remained or came out during chemo.

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