Sunday, August 22, 2010

Hard day

This was a hard day for Pads, and anyone near him. Even Boaz said he was smarting from being unable to visit or go near his brother yesterday, because of a suspected infection. Even the digital photoframe, with a smattering of 'Pads on treatment' pictures, is disturbing some.
After a calm night, Pads was joined by his chemo comrade Rhys, so that both parents could be at the morning service. Ruth kindly brought the rest of us dinner.
P didn't think it was worth going home for only an hour, but I clarified that they didn't need him back until 6pm. At Sunday lunch he tried a tiny piece of bread and fancied the same amount of rice... But it wasn't long before the little he'd swallowed took the return journey. The chemo is also making everything taste nasty - even water! Although he was shaky and ill, there was enough pleasure from the visit to justify it, including toddling out of the house to meet friends ( ) and sitting in the garden, dishing out a few wise-cracks.
But there was no hiding the fact that he feels pretty awful and he spent a while sobbing about it all with one of the doctors.
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