Saturday, September 4, 2010

In a better 'place'

Having last sat overnight with Pads on Monday night, I noticed significant improvements, even though he was awake for various reasons at regular intervals. His voice usually works and he's perkier. His skin is also in better condition and his mouth is healing up. The medics are very pleased with his progress: the excellent stem-cell harvest has resulted in an early recovery of some parts of his blood counts, although we expect a lag in others. This meant that he's still needed a platelet infusion every day. Pads' blood type is fairly rare, so there is sometimes a delay in locating them. It is always wonderful to me that this kind of thing is available to Pads, more-or-less as-and-when required. To ward off the usual reactions against platelets, Pads is given hydrocortisone and piriton, so he's currently slipping in and out of sleep, chattering a bit along the way. Most of it is untilligable but I caught, 'Moses'...(our dog).
We're generally relieved to have arrived at the other end of a difficult week, grateful too for all the support and from so many different directions.
A nurse just came and checked his pulse, which is running at 98, much better than the recent 120's!
Pads is still on IV medicines, including morphine. This latter drug was reduced a bit too sharply yesterday, but, when this was corrected later on, his pain returned to comfortable levels.

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