Friday, October 1, 2010

CT scan

Yesterday the tutor, who is very sensitive, could tell he wasn't up to much and so they just watched a chunk of 'The Ten Commandments' together, having been talking about Moses recently (not the dog!). In the afternoon I suggested to Pads that he might like to think about getting dressed out of his PJ's, but he just cringed and sighed... "I've had such a lot going on lately".
Today it was more of the same, having to be in the clinic by 10:30. We discussed his nutrition: one of his bottles of Osmalite is going over to Jevity (with added fibre) in order to try and settle his tum a bit. Other than that, they continue to be very pleased with him, they only want to see him once next week. He then went to the ward to give a blood sample and there was more waiting around at Velindre. The CT scan promised to be fairly routine, however, the mask was rather tight on his top lip and he became distressed. The radiographer had to file away at the mask and adjust the strips. They were very patient and gentle with him. The scan itself took about 30 minutes. The CT and MRI scans will be combined to try and get as accurate a picture for planning the scan as possible. Another quiet day is called for on Saturday...

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