Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Rough and ready

Pads has had a pretty rough day today. He was sick this morning at 7:40am and then tonight at 10:30 Both times he was under the influence of antiemetics but they clearly did not help much this time.
Earlier he'd been to the audiology clinic, finally got to see the hearing specialist. He's diagnosed with high-frequency hearing loss. So the prospect of hearing aids was disappointing at first but he's more than keen to get on with it now, especially as he's told it will deal with his constant tinnitus. The hearing Dr, whom Pads been waiting for four weeks to see, was interested to know who else he'd known wearing hearing aids. Apparently his are going to be fairly small and should arrive in two weeks or so.
Radiotherapy today passed off quite swiftly. He actually thwacked the senior two radiotherapists while pinned to the slab. With that foul tasting lump of white plastic holding his face in place, it's his only recourse if they start teasing him.
Boaz is missing Asher sorely. A's gone to Llangranog, and B is at a loss... 'I really miss him','him being away is a pain'!

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