Saturday, October 9, 2010

Trip to IKEA

I'm sorry to have delayed getting a post up on the blog. Thankfully there's been little to report apart from steady progress. He hasnt been sick since Friday morning, but that's only twice in a week. At a previous clinic the consultant had stopped the Urso, a drug to protect his liver from damage during hi-dose chemo. We are also able to stop his potassium supplement, although the sodium needs a boost: he's getting 8 ml of that a day because his kidneys are still leaky.
At the clinic yesterday he was being lined up for two units of blood next week, to boost his HB in preparation for radiotherapy a week on Monday.
Pads is slowly building up his stamina. This morning he was dressed before me and started to do homework! He was determined to get to the bottom of the long division page so that the tutor would 'change the subject'!
We were able to go on quite a long trip out today as a family to IKEA for dinner to celebrate Moli's birthday (on 10/10/10!), and to get a few things.
After that, a friend and I went on a training walk. We're hoping to do the Beacons Way next Spring to raise money for the charities Pads and family have benefited so much by over the past two years.

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