Thursday, January 27, 2011

Hickman Line Out

Pads was pleased to dip into school on Tuesday morning for a couple of lessons, safe in the knowledge that he would miss Art in favour of the operation. Not many pupils could claim that excuse, although quite a few would choose to undergo a minor-op rather than endure that particular teacher!
The tiny sip of tea for breakfast at 9am was enough to alarm the anaesthetist and push Pads along the list. In fact he would not have been done much sooner anyway.
Post-op, he was in a lot of pain initially but quickly became determined to get out of hospital asap. He's soon fulfilled all the requirements of discharge arriving home at 7pm.
With each day he loosens up, and the prospect swimming is on the horizon. Meantime he's getting used to not needing to tuck dangly pipes out of the way while dressing, etc.
Apart from the nightly feeds, he's mostly living on gingerbread men and tea at the moment.

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