Sunday, January 16, 2011

Whacked but happy

Pads was all ready to come out to the evening service but then decided he was too tired and has curled up in bed with a warm puppy (Jack is a great 'lap dog'). That was fair enough after such a busy day yesterday, with the re-arranged birthday party. He and his friends from school met at Cardiff Bay to watch a film, Tron Legacy, which everyone liked - even his sister. Mum preferred to spend some of the cost of her ticket on coffee and down-time - fair enough! Life had been something of a treadmill recently. After that they ate at 'West Coast' (American themed - burgers and ribs type). These two parts were paid for by the generous gift from Jacob's Starz. They do not usually fund parties but Pads was so thrifty with the money on offer that they were happy for him to use the difference for yesterday's activities.
Of course, Pads ate hardly anything. We're thinking that his weight is starting to fall, which will mean moving back up to two bottles of goo per night. The other health-related news is that his blood shows higher than desirable levels of urea (meaning he has to drink more).
Anyway, Pads made it to the morning service, chosing to sit in the video-relay room comfy chair, but then attended the afternoon bible study and evening service via Skype. The church has connected the PA system to Skype so that a limited number of us can listen in live, until a more robust dedicated online broadcast service is available.
Joe, Jon and Rant atop Skirrid Fawr, Abergavenny
Yesterday, a few of us went up Skirrid Fawr as part of our training for the Beacons Way walk we're hoping to do in May. We intend to complete this 100 mile path in 6 days but there's a lot of planning still to do. There are a number of charities that we've benefited from during Pads' illness and it is hoped to raise money to 'put something back'. More on that project anon.

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