Saturday, April 30, 2011

Back together

The family are back together again after Ally and kids went to a Christian Lewis Trust holiday caravan at Porthmadog. They had a great time, the weather, even at the top of Snowdon, was fantastic, and, as is usual with such holidays, tickets for local attractions were generously thrown in.
Pads is needing a bit more pain relief though. The other day he needed 3 codeine doses as well as the paracetamol.
Meanwhile, I was on the 20-mile Gower circuit again, practicing for the big walk which is just a week on Monday. Three of my partners have got foot/blister problems to try and resolve before we set out, and everyone is getting a much clearer idea of the size of the undertaking. The distances we have set ourselves to travel are more or less a problem, but doing this with a fair amount of weight on our backs makes it quite different.
Pads at summit of Snowdon

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Anonymous said...

Hi Mike,
I'm not sure if you will remember me, but I'm Jo and Nat's neice. I was a bridesmaid with Moli at the wedding. I just wanted to write a message to all of you/Paddy as I've seen some recent posts on here, and felt like I needed to say something. It sounds like he is enjoying the activities with his brothers and sister and I wish you the best on your walk next week! I'll never forget dancing around with him to the Disney soundtrack in your living room and making a huge tent, pretending to be pirates. I'll treasure the memories. Sending love and prayers your way. Carys xx