Friday, April 8, 2011

Unclear results (again)

We've been for a chat with our consultant about the scan that Pads had this morning. It seems like a very fast turn-around but having the images is really just the start, in this case.
It is around the same amount of time-lapse since treatment ended as the previous relapse and he has not been very well since early evening on Tuesday, and so we've been a bit 'on edge'.
The basic information is this: the scan shows no lump, but it is 'worse' than the previous scan. Where white dots could be seen on the 31st January scan, on this one there's more 'white'. So it's (still) confusing. The consultant is recommending another type of MRI scan, called a 'spec'. This could be in Swansea or Birmingham and should happen within a fortnight.
We've had a good chat and he's OK but Pads would rather not talk about any of this.
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Susanna said...

praying for you all xxxxx