Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Well wishes

There are some lovely things on Pads' wall from children he's connected with. The big one in the middle is from Glan Taff kids and arrived at Easter. The children at WICS sent a whole new batch of personal letters on Friday last - all very touching.
Pads was at Ruth and Rhys' for an overnighter: he watched The Bucket List (again!) and lazed about in their hot-tub. Then it was time to play Traffic Jam with the Christian Lewis Trust play therapist. She was able to take the generous £185 cash that Sarah's work colleagues had sponsored the Beacons Way hikers. After that, he was off to see the chiropractor, Dr Rachel Talbot, who is very kindly donating her services gratis in sympathy with Pads' situation. He always looks better, more refreshed, for these sessions.

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