Saturday, June 25, 2011


Saturday was slated as a slightly crazy day with Bo off to a Cubs Fun Day at 7:30am, Pads off to Heatherton at 8:30am, Ally off for a walk with her Marie Curie 'Walk for Wendy' partners, and Moli off with ATC for the Armed Forces Day. Various stresses, including homework and preparations for her part in the school show, meant that it made more sense for Moli to stay at home. But the others had a good day. We were a bit worried about how Pads would cope, even though this was a LATCH 'Brain Tumour Support Group' trip, so he was in the care of three social workers and a nurse. Yesterday he was really tired out and would have required lifting to get him anywhere by 10:30, let alone 8:30 - that's the fentanyl patch for you. But he was all action, and ate well too.
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