Sunday, July 10, 2011

EMC trip

Pads has been really looking forward to the Ellen MacArthur trip.
The picture is him wearing his new deck shoes, plus Uncle Rhys (not really sleeping :)
Note also the dish of snack eggs!
I am slightly astonished that he's gone, seeing as how he seemed to be taking a real 'tail-spin' a few weeks ago. But he's determined to go, and, as he showed on the trip to Heatherton, he can put on a spurt when the conditions are right. Plus the consultant is boosting his cortisol dose to zip him up a bit.
We figured 8.30am to join a coach from Cardiff would be too early for him. So he and Mum set off this afternoon for Spring Road Evangelical Church, Southampton. From there they'll stay in Titchfield overnight - the trip presented a great opportunity to visit Uncle David and Auntie Susan. Then Pads is due to spend 4 nights on board. Ally had quite a job to get all his medication ready. Apart from one of the LATCH social workers who knows Pads well, each boat has a Dr aboard. There will also be a couple of other children going who Pads knows. They all sleep on the boat so Pads can rise whenever he wants and the team are pretty confident they can accommodate his needs.

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