Monday, September 19, 2011

Bit more chirpy

We're glad that Pads seems to be a bit more chirpy today - perhaps his cold has turned a corner... but the cough is still giving the occasional paroxism. He's been quite busy, with a visit from his nurse to take blood (results say his counts are all fine), beating the play therapist at Skip-Bo (using his patented 'hand holder' - a strip of wood that allows him to view his cards without having to hold them in his left hand), then watching 'Big' with the tutor and all topped off with a trip to the chiropractor.
We're thrilled to see Moli's target of £100 nearly reached on the justgiving page so thanks to those of you who gave for that. Their participation in the race was put in doubt yesterday when Holly's motor couldnt manage reverse. We'll find out on Wednesday if Peter manages to fix it. Meantime, perhaps you would like to suggest something else that Moli could do to justify the sponsorship? :-)

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