Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Happy 14th Birthday part 2

We're very grateful that Pads was in good form for the time spent with his friends from Glantaf. We could hardly believe the way he was. A game of 10-pin consists of picking up a large, heavy ball and casting it down a lane.
This he managed without his crutch 24 times, and his final score was in the middle of his chums. He kept this level of activity up for the trip to Pizza Hut and back home to watch a DVD. It almost seemed miraculous, and, in spite of a poor start to yesterday, he had a good and full day yesterday for the visit of cousins from England. After the long game of monopoly though, he was tired and his (many) limitations were a troubling reminder of the state of play... he's not wanting to get up today.
I must just add that LATCH generously supported his party on Monday.

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