Thursday, February 23, 2012

In the frame

Following the OT's assessment visit last week, more 'unwelcome' equipment arrived yesterday. If we were in the US all this would cost a small fortune but now we have two chair frames to select from. These add stable arm-rests either side of a chair or seat that does not already have one (i.e. the loo). Pad does not like these things - they remind him too forcefully of his state.
Last night he tried to swallow the 'P for Patch' reminder again. I'd made a really big one last time: it just about fitted in the dosette box cell. I made it robust using a square of the tough patch packaging. Needless to say, this 'did not go down too well'; normally it would not be safe to give the tablets again but on this occasion they'd not hit the bottom. We've reverted to large yellow paper 'P for Patch' stuck to the outside of the dosett box, so unless he tries to swallow the whole thing...

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