Tuesday, April 17, 2012

A change of PEG

Pads is having a visit from the PEG nurse based in the community. He's been talking of pain in that area recently. Without much activity he's been putting on weight and so we'd moved to a lower calorie (1.5-1 Cal per ml) feed. PEG's are great as we can do a lot of self-care. He cleans the site himself and applies the hydrocortisone that prevents granuloma. However it has not had a decent review for a while. He still has terrible memories of the time the Mickey button needed changing. He got in a terrible flap of distress. We've talked it through this week though and he has clearly moved on, realising that the skill of the nurse made it a really quick and painless event - out with the old and in with the new. Even though he's right, it really wasnt much to get worked up about, this is still an impressive bit of reflection and maturing. Well done Pads!
The nurse says the Mickey has got a bit old. In fact we're supposed to check the 'balloon' which inflates with water keeping it in place regularly but we've not been as dilligent as we could have been...

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