Friday, August 3, 2012

Pad returns

Well that was a scary moment. I ferried Pads and Ally to hospital and one of the Registrars that's known us for years examined him. He said that there is no sign of pressure behind his eyes and that the strange pupil behaviour was not thought a problem. The head and neck pain could be a 'muscular' thing. Codeine put paid to it, although even Pads was saying that sounded eerily familiar. They did 'neuro obs' and found nothing remarkable going on. One of the nurses greeted him with 'hello cherub!', and he replied, 'I'm not a fat baby', which set about 5 nurses hooting with laughter. It's all been a bit upsetting though. Mum's pushed him back home over the park for some fresh air.
He got rolled straight back to the Risk game, which was a very good distraction. Then he stayed up until 11pm watching Olympics!

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