Monday, September 24, 2012

Meet the senco

Pads scan result is still unconfirmed but we're not expecting any big surprises.
Today, after Ally had worked hard to get in touch with them, Pads went for a meeting with the school's Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator. She was very apologetic - it had been a manic start of term. What was so impressive was their willingness to facilitate whatever Pads was up for. Maths, history and possibly English, are on the menu. Initially this will mean an hour a week starting next Tuesday, rising to 3 hours a week when he's ready. Every effort was made to think of all the adaptations he might need, for example how far he can be expected to walk between classes since he's far from keen to use a wheelchair. 
Since one maths lesson is first thing, he would need to be able to catch up and so it's great he still keeps the tutor - that would only stop if he was doing more than 50%. 
I can't imagine what kind of effect he'll have on his peers, thinking back to the last time many of them will have seen him, April 2011! How the time slips by! And now Ally's online ordering him school uniform, shoes and all.

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