Sunday, October 21, 2012


Pads is just too tired to do much today. He did make an appearance downstairs at lunchtime but I've just swapped with Ally so that she can get to a service today as Pads is resting at home. He was also getting quite wound up with being itchy so I've administered a dose of piriton, and then he had a cetrizine too.
He came out to Bristol airport with me yesterday, to bring Ross to Cardiff to preach for us, so it was not an especially exhausting day. All part of the mystery of the ongoing situation...
As autumn progresses, thoughts turn to Pads' birthday. Kay from LATCH was quite adamant that they would be able to fund it.... Probably he'd like to do something with his mates from school, just need to think of what.... Even though things are sort-of settled into a sort-of normalish phase, we still need to keep an eye on the reality of our situation and enjoy the time, putting little milestones on the calendar.
Autumn leaves against brilliant blue sky in Heath Park today while walking doggies

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