Saturday, July 27, 2013

Donations in lieu of flowers

The good people at Green Willow have set up the 'Just Giving' page in memory of Padi. We're asking for donations instead of flowers to go towards two charities close to our hearts:

Jane loads another syringeCLIC Sargent pay for our nurse who has visited us and helped us through many difficult symptoms and situations at our home for years. We are very grateful to and for her. The Just Giving page is at

The other charity is the WVHigham Trust and we're planning for a retiring offering at the funeral (to try and keep things simple). It is hard to estimate the importance and impact of Mr Higham's ministry. He has remained a dear friend to us, and Padrig in particular. The Trust aims to make as much as possible of his long ministry freely available online through the website:

Pastor Dewi, Mrs Higham, and Pastor Vernon Higham visiting us

Padi and Mr Higham 1st Sept 2008  

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