Tuesday, November 19, 2013


As a post-script to the radio programme that aired on Sunday, we were asked if we could go in for a live interview at the BBC with Jason. We were pretty nervous before and Ally even lost some hours of sleep but everyone was very kind and it passed off ok. There are always a few things that we would have wanted to interject. For example, we forgot to explicitly mention the charities that have supported us (e.g. CLICSargent, LATCH, Kids Cancer Charity) or the fundraisers of 'Cofio Padi'. But we were challenged to express more about our faith and we hope that what we did say was helpful. People generally seem to think of us as very courageous. It seems to be a rare thing for people to be emboldened by their faith in times of trial. A few years ago our reaction would have been far less exceptional with such a large proportion of the population also Christian. All over the world, right now, Christians are being persecuted for what they believe (see OpenDoorsUK.org ). The real Christians do not respond with angry threats but meekly, even gladly, enter into the sufferings of their Lord (cf. Acts 5:41).
The interview is available for a few more days online but you'll have to fast forward past all the dodgy music and chatter about fishfingers(!) to just after half-way through.
Ally approaching BBC Broadcasting House in Llandaff


Jo Nolan-Neylan said...

What a wonderful opportunity to speak of the goodness of God! I pray the Lord will continue to use your courage to speak to hearts. Much love.

Mike Johnson said...

Thank you for your comments Jo! The Lord be with you.