Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Getting theoretical for networked learning

I am trying to think about the best theoretical framework for networked learning research and it seems to me that activity theory is the most promising. However, I notice that Chris has a seminar at CSCL2007 which outlines 5 theoretical strands does not include CHAT:
  • Theories of network society and networked individualism (Castells and Wellman)
  • Theories of networked learning (Goodyear et al; Hodgson and McConnell)
  • Theories of networks related to mathematics (Barabasi)
  • Social Network Analysis (Wellman, Freeman)
  • Actor Network Theory (Callon and Latour)
My idea that networked learning should include promoting connections of a 'fundamental' type in the minds and lives of students - i.e. encouraging engagement. I dont think this is much of a theory so much as using the definition of Networked Learning in a slightly extended way. However, today I was reading Activity Centered Design and that made me think about the fact that just bringing someone to the table (in that extreme case by giving them a wifi laptop) did have negative and positive effects.

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