Friday, June 1, 2007

Dreyfuss on you?

Commitment to information as a boundless source of enjoyment puts one in what Kierkegaard calls the aesthetic sphere of existence—his anticipation of postmodernity. For such a person, just visiting as many sites as possible and keeping up on the cool ones is an end in itself. The only qualitative distinction is between those sites that are interesting and those that are boring. Life consists in Ž ghting off boredom by being a spectator at everything interesting in the universe and in communicating with everyone else so inclined. Such a life produces a self that has no deŽ ning content or continuity but is open to all possibilities and to constantly being drawn into new games.
Dreyfus, H. L. (2002). Anonymity versus Commitment: the dangers of education on the Internet. Educational Philosophy and Theory, 34(4), 369 - 378.

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