Monday, August 25, 2008

bit of a dip

It was lovely to see Pads broad grin on several occasions today but between about 4 and 7 he had a real dip. Probably the visits wore him out but it didnt help that his move at 2pm happened when he might have been setting off for an afternoon nap. He was also complaining of a tight chest. The neurologist, neurosurgeon and nurses checked him over but found nothing and they're mystified by the double-vision. He is being lined up for a CT scan tomorrow to reassess things. It seemed that once his codeine had sunk in he perked up a bit - back to his cheeky self by the time I was leaving to partake in BBQ & NASCAR at Jo's... He's strungling to come to terms with 'superstar' status - has become nervous about what I might be saying about him on here. I intend to show him everything when I get a chance.
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