Wednesday, August 27, 2008


Ally (Pidge to many) and Pads didnt have a good night last night but another quiet day viz visitors ends with the hope that he's continuing to improve. He was tired and listless - often feeling hot in spite of not running a temperature, so much so that it kept them awake. But the major headline is that he was disconnected from the shunt system. The pipe in his skull should be removed tomorrow morning which will free him from the large bandage on his head and will constitute another step forward. Speaking of steps though, he cant take any of them with out leaning heavily on someone. He's very dizzy, weak and unsteady on his feet. It is lowering his spirits but I try to encourage him to be patient with a verse we learned recently...
I waited patiently for the LORD; and he inclined unto me, and heard my cry. Psalm 40:1
He needs more rest again tomorrow so we'd be greatful if you could hold fire again if you were hoping to see him.
One visit we couldnt deny him was his bosom buddy from school - they chatted quietly for a good while. His siblings only saw him briefly, partly to hand over the ginger-bread 'P' that a cousin had made - it made him smile broadly and was snaffled soon after.
We're so greatful to everyone for their messages and prayerful concern - it is such an encouragement as we await the histology results. Talking to the nurse on the way out tonight it sounds like we'll get 'weekend leave' rather than a full discharge on Friday.


Ruth said...

Hi Mike,
I expect that the bandage acts like a woolly hat and once it's removed he'll be more comfortable. Also he said its itchy - I would hate having it on all this time, I can't bear a hat at the coldest of times.

Mike Johnson said...

yes - and he had nits not long before - just imaging what fun they could be having under there! Thankfully our new comb is working well - I am pretty sure he's clear or he'd be frantic by now!!!