Tuesday, August 26, 2008

getting 'Paddy' back in phases

When I left them at 10:15pm, Pads had been much more like his usual self with dry/cheeky comments and 'the grin' was making a regular appearance. He was especially amused when I passed on Shane's message that 'the people of Ireland are cheering for him and he is getting more attention over here than our three Olympian medalists!' (the boys have been avid consumers of the Games). All this added to a much more positive day which had started quite tearfully in fact. But before he could spend long in the doldrums he was whisked off for a CT scan in the morning and this showed that he had had no bleeding inside his head - everything looked as normal as it would after such surgery. The lack of visits in the afternoon seems to have really helped - he admitted it was 'probably better' like that. A couple slipped through but thankfully didnt stay long. It's amazing how one's immediate family (especially parents) can stay indefinitely with no 'wear and tear' but 15 minutes with someone outwith that circle can be a set-back. So thanks for everyone who managed to heed the plea and wait. I think we're needing to operate the same way for a few days while he gets his strength back for whatever's next. There's a multidisciplinary team meeting next Monday so we should know more after that. In the mean time, Pads would 'just like to get better' but we've been pointing out that this is happening, in small but significant steps. For example, the cannula in his right ankle was removed this afternoon. He also has had his head drain valve shut since 5pm (ish) with no sign of the headache we were on the lookout for - this means that the fluid is flowing around his brain and spine as it should. If this continues until at least tomorrow afternoon then they may well remove the shunt - can be done on the ward - no need for another op. They are talking about discharge (or at least home leave) for the weekend, which is pretty amazing but it is true that children recover much more quickly than adults.
I hope he gets a decent sleep tonight after missing out last night. He couldnt sleep this afternoon so I gave up trying to encourage him to! Instead of this he enjoyed the calm in the room to play with a gameboy and watch a couple of films (note the difference to yesterday) - the ward is well equipped with this sort of thing. Ally, having refueled with a break at home, only 10mins walk from the hospital, will once again stay with him tonight, kipping on the chair-bed in the room.
We're being so well supported with good wishes and pledges of prayers - it's so encouraging. The practical help is continuing to flow too - food needs and child-care are all in hand so we are very grateful for that. For example, each night's evening meals for the family have been or are going to be provided for by friends.
Anyway - I'm going into work tomorrow so had better sign off there. Good night!

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