Saturday, August 30, 2008

Out for the afternoon

This is Pads at the IKEA playground, laughing at his siblings getting bounced on the see-saw. He had wanted to go for a curry but we couldnt face the slightest risk of him getting food poisoning so thankfully he settled for Swedish meatballs. We're trying to build him up again, without just plying him with chocolate/sweets. He's lost weight, muscle tone, balance and confidence.
Earlier we'd gone to Penarth to take in the sea air but although it was a lovely day, he really felt his weakness, with so many children running around having fun, himself being pretty much stuck in the wheelchair. It was very warm too.
When we got home he was cheered up greatly to see Uncle Neil and Co. returning from Canada with a moose candy dispenser for him. Overall, a good day.

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