Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Good enough for Glan Taff

Sunday was a mediocre day for Pads, with just one sleepy, short visit to church in the evening which he was very much up for but then he slowed down to a halt just after arriving - we bailed out during the last hymn and he had a comfortable night. 
Yesterday he was up and out the door for his visit to the secondary school that his primary feeds into. I had some misgivings about this but off he went, with his £2 for lunch. Inevitably his hat drew some fire and he had to explain to one teacher that he wasnt just warm. In another incident a girl pulled his hat off - she might as well have yanked his trousers off. The fruit of this appeared in the evening when a 'funny tummy' combined with the days' events led to big sobs about having to explain himself all the time but the overall effect of his condition is underlying this healthy venting of emotion.

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