Tuesday, November 11, 2008

A rare breed

Pads has certainly already benefited from his 2 units of blood - he was bounding up and down the stairs earlier! He's AB- which is about as rare as blood gets almost anywhere. The National Blood service only has a small amount of it.
Sadly, he was not able to sleep tonight - just couldnt shake off a nasty image from a trailer that's completely spooked him. We've prayed, played snooker, looked at old photos, and now he's watching his second episode of Dad's Army...

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Susanna said...

You know, although I watched (and bizzarely enjoyed) some of the more recent Dr Whos, I cannot buy into the act that it is called 'family entertainment'- and yet the Sarah Jane stuff is shown on childrens t.v! Showing my age when I start comparing it to the Ewoks/Biscuits/Pole position. Bring back the chidlren's t.v of the 80's I say!