Tuesday, December 16, 2008

General health update(!)

We're still doing well - only Moli is off school at the moment with a 'slammer' of a cold - bedridden for 2 days so far although symptoms are moving on. This is more than can be said for Neil, who has not been able to shift a similar bug for ages - officially now a chest infection. He's gone back to the on-call doctor tonight for another consultation since the first bout of antibiotics have not had the desired effect: sadly this rather curtails plans for his 50th birthday tomorrow. Speaking of tomorrow - P will have to shake himself in the morning because he's got a rather special trip to go on, organised by LATCH: more on that again. Rhys is making good progress already. This was helped by a trouble-free infusion last week. The chemo is already shrinking the tumour and his voice sounds amazing!

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