Thursday, January 8, 2009

A few hours a day

Pads is really just giving a few hours a day to 'normality' - usually from 4pm to bedtime. The rest of the time he's pretty low. He cant find words to express how horrible chemo is but he knows it's a 'life or death' situation. Naturally his parents - especially the one home all the time caring for him - are finding this a bit of a trial. Today, having missed breakfast, he opted for a build-up drink - like a rich chocolate milkshake. Pads could only bring himself to sip this before laying it carefully on the floor. Next thing we know, the dog has his tongue in it - yuk! 5/6ths of it wasted. We also have the phenomenon of Pads needing to learn to eat small amounts regularly rather than bolting a big mouthful of something - this is very likely to make a hasty return. Yesterday lunchtime he announced a yearning for a BLT with mayo (sandwich). When it finally arrived he bolted a chunk and the result was near instant rejection. Only a small amount ended up where it belongs. Thankfully, tonight things had calmed down enough so that our time at Pizza Hut was very pleasant (Hot Cookie Dough dessert is highly recommended). We wanted to treat the boys since Moli is living it up in Scotland. Here they are having constructed extended and rather leaky straws (Asher sporting his beloved thermal Jack Wolfskin - _not_ a daftly over-priced underarmour vest).
Meanwhile, Rhys, with steriods wearing off, is also finding life tough. Today he went rather yellow for a while which was pretty alarming. He's recovered a better shade now.

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