Sunday, January 18, 2009

Sunday services at the new building

Pads was quite fatigued today but popped in this morning for the sermon and the final hymn, 'Enthrone thy God within thy heart'. The rest of the time he was pretty flat - apart from when the Pastor visited tonight at 8:45 when he perked up quite a bit... partly to do with having perhaps slept for too long in the afternoon, but it's hard to get the balance right. Instead of going out to the evening service, he and I stayed in, did a jigsaw and listened to some of the biographies by Roger Jack which are excellent.
Watching the Pastor and Mr Higham climb the steps to the pulpit this morning was pretty momentous. Pastor Dewi gave a brief word about the occasion, thanking God for this remarkable providence and kindness, before preaching from Romans 15 about how we ought to show grace towards one-another since the Saviour did not seek to maintain his own position and comforts but came to deliver us.
Neil has been patching and tending the organ all week and it sounded great in the event.
Here's a short clip of the inside, taken while we were working in there on Saturday.


Susanna said...

We are so thrilled at this wonderful provision for you as a church.

Mike Johnson said...

Thanks for that message! yes - it is amazing - we're still 'pinching ourselves'!