Sunday, February 22, 2009

active until 5 - then splat

Moving towards the end of an active day, Pads has gone splat so I'm home babysitting-out the evening service. He's eaten fairly well today but still nothing like what he'd need to be safe without his night-time tube feed. After the morning service, one of the mums was amazed to see him drift into the crèche and start playing with the toddlers - he put it down to the tube. He's due to get more chemo tomorrow and they'll weigh him again at the end of the week. It will be amazing if he doesnt put some on this time. Last time (before the tube), he'd grown taller but still managed to become lighter!
Please pray for Mr Higham who's not been very well in the last week.
In a moment I'll dial up last Sunday evening's sermon and read a bit, but, for now, here's some holiday snaps...

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