Monday, February 23, 2009

back to school

Pad got up expecting to go to school today but come home for the chemo at noon. He had a great reception although, as might be expected, some children had difficulty coming to terms quickly with the tube. It's hard for Pads to keep on explaining himself but perhaps the others will get used to it. The specialist chemo nurse said his port had a better covering. He's positively buzzing. The nurse warned him not to play with the end of the tube or it would snap off. Pads said he wouldnt mind having a go at fitting it himself!
Rhys is not doing as well - he's been flattened all day... but this is his low point and hopefully he'll start coming back up now.
Here's a vid of Ash and Bo at the Henry Blogg Museum enjoying the clobber and getting to grips with Morse Code.

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