Wednesday, February 25, 2009

answers on a postcard to...?!

So it was earlier in the day when it started but things came to a head after about 9pm. He lay down and was yelping with throat pain - even though yelping also hurt (as does swallowing). We gave him some calpol and called the hospital. They said to give them a call back after the pain relief had worked. It didnt. We called back and they suggested to take him in. Neil gave me a lift and eventually we saw the registrar on call. He, as we had done earlier, had a look inside and could see nothing. He was reluctant to give codene as this does bad things to guts - a sensitive issue right now. Eventually, by about 1.30 he fell asleep from sheer tireness - at about a 50 degree angle. He woke about 7.30 in much the same state only slightly brigher having had a bit of kip. The Reg didnt want to keep him in last night but I didnt wait for the Dr this morning and havnt heard whether any more so I guess he and Ally are still there...

1335 update
Latest is they think it could be inflamation from the chemo or just a cold gone wrong (Ally has a cracker but P doesnt show any other symptoms of a cold). He's resisting eating anything so we're shoving it all down the tube - yay for tubes!

1800 update: missing the extended prayer meeting to babysit for P - and write this. He _so_ wanted to eat but what...? Pretzels (from costco)! 2 down in short measure! = progress!


Ruth said...

Rhys hasn't eaten for 3 days other than complan . Oats for breakfast then lemonade all day! However he's weighing in a stone heavier than a month ago so this sort of fasting wont do damage for a few more days at least.

Mike Johnson said...

yes - he needs to drastically undereat for 3 months to even draw level with this lad... glad to hear Rhys felt able to go to Swansea today though.