Thursday, February 26, 2009


Pads has given up speaking for Lent. Easy one really, since it hurts too much to bother, so he's taken up writing what he wants to say with paper and pencil. He is feeling quite rotten although thankfully doesnt have a temperature. So we're administering the codeine which just about levels him off. Now he's watching Dad's Army to cheer himself up a bit.


Susanna said...

..........but surely that will cause him to laugh out loud ;)....or is laughing allowed? we are definetly cming to Wales in June (only took 2 years to manage it!) so will hopefully see Catherine and Malcolm and Zoe at Penniel.

Mike Johnson said...

thanks for the message! I think he'll manage to keep a lid on his joy...
We'll always 'keep a welcome' - even if you've been away 2 years ;-)
By June we should have our replacement organ up and running... Neil is very excited - all his Christmasses have come at once - he cant sleep properly - have been over to Clydach to help... what an amazing thing a pipe organ is!!!