Monday, February 9, 2009

not best pleased

The nurse visited today and was a bit surprised at how P is still getting skinnier. It's obvious because of the way the skin that's covering the port is getting thinner... she warns that unless we can get bloods from his thumb, the skin at the port site might give up and split - ew!
Anyway - the needle is in place ready for tomorrow's chemo. Pads is quite upset at the prospect of having to have an NG tube which will allow him to be fed even during the night. This could break the vicious circle of not wanting to eat, having little energy, not wanting to eat, getting weaker, wanting to do less, not wanting to eat... Yet another invasive procedure...

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Ruth said...

poor Padi. Tell him Uncle Rhys has had this procedure twice and that once the tube is in place it really is ok. Ruth