Monday, March 2, 2009

busy day

Pads was lined up for his chemo and the consultant was happy enough for him to have it. However, after that P was detained which meant all kinds of fun with me needing to deliver a lecture in the afternoon and Ally trying to be back in work in the afternoon. Thankfully Ruth, Rhys and Neil came to the rescue, sitting with P while kids were collected and cawl prepared, served and eaten. Pads is staying the night so that they can keep an eye on a suspect infection. Everyone is mystified by his throat problem but at least it is contained by the pain killers. Pads remains unable to talk and doesnt want to eat or drink.
As for the cometitions, Asher top-scored with his poetry recitation - he's through to the next round where he'll be up against local schools. Boaz made too many mistakes in his singing and recitation but has resolved to learn from it and try again next year. Moli's welsh-cakes were awarded 2nd place out of about 12 entries.

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