Friday, March 27, 2009

Cycle 3 begins

Pads started cycle 3 at 2pm. This was after he'd been to school for the Year 6 photo. He was slightly irked at the thought of being in it with his tube in view but reckoned it would be a reminder of a 'Year' he hardly turned up for. I reminded him that all the folks of school dont think that way - they're all rootin' for him. Knowing he was due to go for chemo, the Head made sure that the photographer did Year 6 first so that P could still be in the photo.
Pads was weighed: he's 32.4 Kilos and showing some ripples of fat on his tummy! At the clinic the medics were pleased with his condition although, because of various set-backs, he's not quite ready for the full-dose of vincristine, that should come next cycle.
Meantime, our final rabbit escaped and met its demise, in spite of us purchasing a steel cage run. A neighbour knocked the door to say he's found something resembling our rabbit in his garden. The amazing thing is that the guinea-pig has survived all the rabbits we've had... it has more sense to stay hidden in the hutch. But the kids had fairly cooled off in terms of looking after them and so we won't be getting any more.
'Opening service' tomorrow... lots of people invited... should be good, you comin?

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