Thursday, March 26, 2009

not "waking up" from bad dream

Pads had to bail out of school at midday today. Nothing terrible, but his tummy started aching a lot. He really wishes he hadnt had to come out of school early. We were talking earlier about the way his hair isnt growing back at the back. We had to explain that it may always be thin, at best, at the back. He brought up the fact that the skin near his scar is numb and confirmed that that also may not recover feeling. Deciding for long term side-effects wasnt an easy decision but there really wasnt an alternative. In any case, we have to avoid focusing in on any given side-effect because, whatever it is, today we're still alive and well. Even Moli's getting over her cold and Pads hasnt picked it up so far.

I have not been able to blog in the evenings because our internet connection is failing in the evenings...

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