Thursday, April 2, 2009


Pads is much more 'himself' when he's not got a tube in. Last night he was really the 'life and soul' again. After waking up to be sick, he soon normalised and seems very bright. It'll be too much of a risk to send him to school though.
We've been enjoying a piece of caligraphy that Moli did. Her Welsh abilities are clearly enriching life at WICS. This is the great classic Welsh hymn, Calon Lan.
Pads was delighted at the idea of putting it near his bed and was meditating on the last two lines of the chorus which (roughly) translate:
None but pure hearts will sing
Sing the day and sing the night
I was pointing out the metaphor of day and night as meaning a time of trial or that the day represents the brief span of our lives. We enjoyed contemplating the beauty of a heart cleansed by Christ's blood (cf. Easter), singing in the midst of joy or sorrow, in the morning, noon, evening and night of the soul. Do you know the bliss of peace and fellowship with God?

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Ruth said...

lovely paragraph about the hymn Mike and so apt!

Rhys' day went well and the good news is that the spinal fluid from the first one was clear - no cancer cells