Thursday, April 2, 2009


The others were at TKD so I stole off with P to the moonwatch event. Apparently it's 400 years since "Galileo’s first glimpses through a telescope and the birth of modern astronomy"

He just about coped with the 3 flights of stairs but his legs are aching a bit now. I was not better, still recovering from being knocked by this cold that's doin the rounds.
Ah but you'd have laughed last night, when the smalls (A&B) were at the table discussing the holidays and school. A challenged B, "what would you rather, lessons with Miss B or staying at home"? After much thought, B opts for Plan C, i.e. both, Miss B at home! Not at all satisfied with this answer, A presses, "No, you have to choose one or the other". Sorry Miss B, you're good, very good, but, thankfully, home is where the heart is ;-)

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