Friday, April 3, 2009

rather sickie

Pads is having quite a hard time of it, but it's still not hard to get a smile out of him. He's quite bright in himself.
He has woken up the last three mornings by being ill and he's had a heavy cold brewing. He sneezed, coughed and snooted his way to chemo. At the clinic he was up to his usual tricks trying to put off the evil moment of having the needle into his port - they're getting wiser to him. They think part of the reason he's being sick and an upset tummy is because he's got an infection in combination with the treatments - they're not too worried about it though. He's even escaped having the NG tube back in - so long as he drinks 1250 ml a day - until next Thursday that is (the day Hannah is due to have her bairn). So he had his vincristine and the port still has the line in. If he doesnt drink enough the line will come in handy because they'll have to put him on a drip.
His weight has dipped again to 30.9 - initially the Dr said, 'He weighs 39' and jaws dropped!
Pads was keen to visit Moli's school as they had a Easter service. They enjoyed their time there.

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