Saturday, April 4, 2009

Some hard yards

Pads has not been able to drink enough and was feeling quite ill this morning - if he doesnt keep hydrated his kidneys may get poisoned. We phoned the ward and that's where he is tonight. On top of the nasty cold symptoms, it seems like he has a UTI and he's still prone to retching bile & air. It is hard and needless to describe how awful he is feeling. It naturally puts a strain on all in the house, trying to keep promises that sounded 'no big deal' yesterday (Bo+McFlurry, Ash+kickabout with rugby ball, for example). Initially it was hoped he'd be out noon Sunday, as with last week, but we're in a different 'place' to that. He's worried he's going to have to spend the whole 'holiday' in hospital. That shouldnt be necessary...
In other news, Asher played with real finesse to help his Whitchurch Hockey side beat Swansea (1-0) and Newport (2-0) sides in the annual South Wales Cup, only losing to Cardiff (3-1). He was like a swarm of bees to the opposition! He, and two other boys, both a year older than himself, demonstrated some delightful skills that would flatter much more senior players.
Almost all other matches are on Sundays, so that means we bolted at the chance of taking part, even though it meant a drive to Swansea. Being down that way, we took the chance to check out the new LC2, with it's boasted Surf-rider and Master-blaster features. Seems like you have to book a slot with the Surf-rider in advance though.

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