Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Steady improvement

Yesterday nothing much happened except that the two little boys didnt go to school either. Ash was clearly under par and we're not sure about Bo - but they're both fine today. So Pads had a bit of company. He was pretty flat and today not much different, at least initially. There were a couple of worrying moments where he said he felt sick, but these passed on without event - thankfully!
Then, at about noon, the thought of a burger was enough to get him dressed. After two days of dragging the feed pump around he wanted a break from it. He didnt quite manage all his 1/4 pounder though.
On returning from McDonald's, he was up for taking the dog for a walk. Sadly this was biting off a bit much and he was forced to return looking a bit shaken. He'd run out of energy around the corner, but didnt have anywhere to sit down, didnt even have the energy to put the dog's lead on. Thankfully Moses is pretty well behaved.
Meanwhile, the other chemo kid, Rhys, has been to get his mask made in preparation for radiotherapy. This will begin after his chemo ends soon.

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